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We can plan all aspects of your trip, including a myriad of excursions tailored to you and your family’s desires and private professional surf lessons.

For reservations: email or call Chad or Lucy (240) 200-8129 (from the U.S) & (506) 2743 8033 (in Costa Rica).

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Surfing Classes

Surfing Classes

Costa Rica has some of the best beaches in the world and locations nearby are an excellent place for beginning to intermediate surfers. Big Bamboo offers private professional surfing classes for those looking to find or refine a passion in surfing. For more experienced surfers, we can accompany you on surfing excursions to local hotspots where you can hit the waves all day long

One of our most popular offerings is the surf-camp led by Chad Stull, an avid surfer, yoga enthusiast, and owner of Big Bamboo.

Chad and his instructors will take you to a different beach every morning following the best tides for learning how to surf. After a warm-up with some basic stretching and yoga they will show you on dry land the various basic techniques to position yourself on your board and how to stand up. They will identify your lead leg and place the leach and take to the warm waters of the Pacific accompanied by your own instructor. She will position you in the shallow water facing the beach and get you started on your first wave!

Nearly everyone manages to stand up and ride the waves after just a few attempts but we guarantee that by the end of your camp you will be able to ride waves all by yourself and you will be hooked for life!

For advanced surfers, Chad will hire Transportes Gavilan to take the group to Pavones, Playa Hermosa near Jaco or Punta Achote for more challenging runs. After your daily surfing you will still have time to participate in all the amazing activities surrounding Uvita such as the Manuel Antonio National Park tour, the Osa Canopy zipline tour, the Nayuaca waterfall horseback tour, and the Cano Island snorkeling tour. In the evening – sunset and cocktails at the local watering holes (if you are of age, naturally!).

Chad also offers ad hoc individual lessons to anyone staying at Big Bamboo for a modest fee. Available to all ages and capabilities and with unlimited use of our loaner boards.

View our promo video featuring surf instructor Chad Stull to get a taste of surfing in Costa Rica

Here are some of the nearby beaches we recommend

Playa Hermosa

This beach is just a 5 minute drive from Big Bamboo. It has it’s own lifeguard and is perfect for swimming, surfing, and sunsets.

It is possible to hike up to Punta Achote for a great view.

Playa Ventanas

Situated 15 minutes south of Big Bamboo, this beach has tunnels through the mountains that you can walk through at low tide. 

This is a perfect place for a picnic, a game of coconut bowling, wading in the river, and taking in the rays.

Roca Verde

This beach is almost always deserted. Great for a peaceful stroll, swimming, and a nice meal at the Roca Verde restaurant nearby. 

National Parks

National Parks

Costa Rica is home to lush and wonderful wildlife. See it showcased in one of the many nearby national parks. Talk to the front desk and we can recommend you some great and informative guided tours

Manuel Antonio National Park

Located in the town of Manuel Antonio 6km from Quepos, this is a favorite first exposure to Costa Rica’s flora and fauna.

This park is located just 45 minutes from Big Bamboo and parking is best right next to the only entrance to the park. CAUTION: Keep in mind that opportunists will try to make you park far away at the entrance of the town of Manuel 

Antonio by using hand gestures and whistles. For admission to the park you will pay at Copealianza (a bank) credit or cash (dollars or Colones) $16 per person.

We recommend a guide that will show you all the animals with her scope. Bring your cell phone for pictures through the scope. The cost is $20 extra but for larger groups it can be had for $10 per person. You will walk for 1.3 miles on a nice trail where you will see three kinds of monkeys (Capuchin, Titi, and Howler) as well as sloths and a myriad of other amazing creatures. There are several beautiful beaches. We recommend you camp out at the main beach for a while and see the ancient turtle trap. The beach next to the trap is nice and private. Swimming at this beach is great. Bring some water and food into the park because you can’t buy anything inside (do not bring chips and do not feed the animals). We recommend to go see the twin beaches and to cross over to see the beach on the opposite side of the main beach. It is stunning and often deserted.

Take lots of pictures!

Parque National Corcovado

This park is considered one of the most bio-diverse sites in the world. Pumas still roam the park in the wild. This park requires a guide and several days to be explored properly. A good starting off point is Sierpe at Don Jorge’s restaurant, just 45 minutes from Big Bamboo. Take a water taxi and stay at a nice eco-lodge near one of the entrances to this park. You can park your car in Sierpe and store your excess luggage at Big Bamboo.



Hit the treetops to enjoy a thrilling zipline experience while you enjoy beautiful views of the lush Costa Rican forests. 

Osa Canopy

This is the best ziplining experience in our area and it is located just 40 minutes south from Big Bamboo. There are generally two daily departures: 8 am and 1 pm and the cost is approximately $55 per person and worth every penny. It includes ziplines with stunning views from Osa mountain, hanging bridges, rapelling, and tarzan swing experiences. You may bring a camera but make sure you do not drop it because you will not be able to get it back! This is a highly recommended excursion.

Here is a fun guest-made video of their family tour through Uvita!

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Nature Excursions

Nature Excursions

Whale Watching

Head over to Marino Ballena National Park to see these ocean giants in their natural habitat!

Located a scarce 2 miles from Big Bamboo, is a park well known for the numerous whale sightings and as a starting off point for snorkeling and whale watching excursions. It also boasts the famous whale’s tail, a jetty into the ocean in the shape of its namesake that is visible in low tides. When the tide rises it is advisable to start your trek back from the tail. The sight of the waves coming in both directions is truly remarkable. There are three entrances to the park and admission is $6. Playa Chamán has waves that are perfect for learning how to

Animal Sanctuary

Support and experience local wildlife as they are nursed back to health at this sanctuary!

Horseback Riding

Take a guided tour on horseback to see discover beautiful hidden waterfalls!

Located next to the Vista Ballena hotel with an amazing view of the coast and the whales tail. This not for profit sanctuary rescues injured animals such as sloths, monkeys and macaws and nurses them back to health. Some of the animals are too injured to ever return to the wild. These are available for viewing for a $25 fee
that helps the sanctuary to survive. This is a great and worthy tour that gives the public great insight into the fauna of this great country.

Located about 30 minutes North of Bog Bamboo, this horse back tour departs at 8 am every day except Sunday. Make sure you state your riding level and weight when you make a reservation. The horses are small and well behaved. Halfway through the first leg you will stop for a nice breakfast. Afterwards you will ride to
the amazing Nauyaca waterfall. You will be able to take pictures of the upper waterfall and swim in the lower pool where you can climb the rock using the rope and then dive off. Your guides might even put up a show with their dives. You will be able to change in the changing rooms before returning. Take lots of pictures. Midway during your return trip you will stop for a great lunch.
This is a very popular excursion so make sure you make reservations ahead of time. The cost is $75.


Take a scenic journey to a nearby island for a snorkeling tour!

This pristine island can be seen from Uvita. It is often said that the best snorkeling and scuba diving can be found there. We recommend the town of Sierpe as the launching point for this excursion. At Don Jorge’s restaurant you can have breakfast and catch a ride on a powerful boat capable of crossing the
surf. You can drive from Big Bamboo to Sierpe in 45 minutes. We can make arrangements for your transportation if you need it but the drive is very pleasant.

Sierpe is a tranquil town at the star of Costa Rica’s largest mangrove. The excursion costs $100 and includes lunch on a beautiful beach. Once you are equipped with a vest and your belongings are safe your journey through the mangrove starts. Your bilingual guide will explain every aspect of this magnificent ecosystem and if you are lucky you will see crocodiles, sloths and monkeys along the way.

Once you reach the mouth of the estuary the open ocean portion of your journey begins. First you have to cross the large surf and then sail for 45 minutes to the island. At Caño Island you will have several opportunities to snorkel in one of the most pristine reefs of Costa Rica’s Pacific. You will also have a chance to rest on the island’s beach. Upon your return and before going on the river again you will share a nice lunch with your guides and the boat’s crew.

Expect this to be a 7 hour tour beauty and adventure. Highly recommended.


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