National Parks

National Parks

Costa Rica is home to lush and wonderful wildlife. See it showcased in one of the many nearby national parks. Talk to the front desk and we can recommend you some great and informative guided tours

Manuel Antonio National Park

Located in the town of Manuel Antonio 6km from Quepos, this is a favorite first exposure to Costa Rica’s flora and fauna.

This park is located just 45 minutes from Big Bamboo and parking is best right next to the only entrance to the park. CAUTION: Keep in mind that opportunists will try to make you park far away at the entrance of the town of Manuel 

Antonio by using hand gestures and whistles. For admission to the park you will pay at Copealianza (a bank) credit or cash (dollars or Colones) $16 per person.

We recommend a guide that will show you all the animals with her scope. Bring your cell phone for pictures through the scope. The cost is $20 extra but for larger groups it can be had for $10 per person. You will walk for 1.3 miles on a nice trail where you will see three kinds of monkeys (Capuchin, Titi, and Howler) as well as sloths and a myriad of other amazing creatures. There are several beautiful beaches. We recommend you camp out at the main beach for a while and see the ancient turtle trap. The beach next to the trap is nice and private. Swimming at this beach is great. Bring some water and food into the park because you can’t buy anything inside (do not bring chips and do not feed the animals). We recommend to go see the twin beaches and to cross over to see the beach on the opposite side of the main beach. It is stunning and often deserted.

Take lots of pictures!

Parque National Corcovado

This park is considered one of the most bio-diverse sites in the world. Pumas still roam the park in the wild. This park requires a guide and several days to be explored properly. A good starting off point is Sierpe at Don Jorge’s restaurant, just 45 minutes from Big Bamboo. Take a water taxi and stay at a nice eco-lodge near one of the entrances to this park. You can park your car in Sierpe and store your excess luggage at Big Bamboo.


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