Surfing Classes

Surfing Classes

Costa Rica has some of the best beaches in the world and locations nearby are an excellent place for beginning to intermediate surfers. Big Bamboo offers private professional surfing classes for those looking to find or refine a passion in surfing. For more experienced surfers, we can accompany you on surfing excursions to local hotspots where you can hit the waves all day long

One of our most popular offerings is the surf-camp led by Chad Stull, an avid surfer, yoga enthusiast, and owner of Big Bamboo.

Chad and his instructors will take you to a different beach every morning following the best tides for learning how to surf. After a warm-up with some basic stretching and yoga they will show you on dry land the various basic techniques to position yourself on your board and how to stand up. They will identify your lead leg and place the leach and take to the warm waters of the Pacific accompanied by your own instructor. She will position you in the shallow water facing the beach and get you started on your first wave!

Nearly everyone manages to stand up and ride the waves after just a few attempts but we guarantee that by the end of your camp you will be able to ride waves all by yourself and you will be hooked for life!

For advanced surfers, Chard will hire Transportes Gavilan to take the group to Pavones, Playa Hermosa near Jaco or Punta Achote for more challenging runs. After your daily surfing you will still have time to participate in all the amazing activities surrounding Uvita such as the Manuel Antonio National Park tour, the Osa Canopy zipline tour, the Nayuaca waterfall horseback tour, and the Cano Island snorkeling tour. In the evening – sunset and cocktails at the local watering holes (if you are of age, naturally!).

Chad also offers ad hoc individual lessons to anyone staying at Big Bamboo for a modest fee. Available to all ages and capabilities and with unlimited use of our loaner boards.

View our promo video featuring surf instructor Chad Stull to get a taste of surfing in Costa Rica

Here are some of the nearby beaches we recommend

Playa Hermosa

This beach is just a 5 minute drive from Big Bamboo. It has it’s own lifeguard and is perfect for swimming, surfing, and sunsets.

It is possible to hike up to Punta Achote for a great view.

Playa Ventanas

Situated 15 minutes south of Big Bamboo, this beach has tunnels through the mountains that you can walk through at low tide. 

This is a perfect place for a picnic, a game of coconut bowling, wading in the river, and taking in the rays.

Roca Verde

This beach is almost always deserted. Great for a peaceful stroll, swimming, and a nice meal at the Roca Verde restaurant nearby. 


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